My entry for the Weekly Game Jam 90#, themed "radioactivity".

Started a bit late by monday but managed to finish it.

  • WASD/Arrow Keys to move.
  • SPACE to fire Jetpack.
  • MOUSE to look/shoot.
  • Q/E to adjust mouse sensitivity.
  • P to pause.

Enemies can only be killed by the same radiation they use. Don't get attached to weapons, be on the move and if you're in a pinch, try entering a portal.

Made withUnity


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Thanks for playing!
I actually went and adjusted the stuff you said in the video about the locked cursor and sensitivity, if you wanna give it a retry.

Loved the speed of it combined with the low gravity! And the fact that you can't change direction mid-air! 

I had quite an issue with my mouse speed though. I barely moved my wrist and it was still very fast. I'd love it if I could play full-screen, too. 

In any case, I spent quite a few minutes playing and would have played more if I didn't have to work. Good job! :-)

It needs several fixes but I'll add those to the list haha.

Awesome job making an FPS in a week. Really liked the art and the shooting mechanics.

Had some trouble with the mouse sensitivity due to the DPI of my mouse but I at least got through a few waves. One issue I had with the game was that you could flip the camera upside down by looking up too far -- most FPS games lock your look angle to a certain range so that you can't do this. Since you're in space it might be kind of cool to make it an intentional mechanic, though.

It's kinda intentional, since I opted not to clamp the vertical axis because of how much vertical movement and above/below aiming happens, but it proved to be an issue with this mouse sensitivity.

I'll add an option to change it.